Sunday, 15 May 2011

Broken things - Part 4

I know it's getting a little depressing, cataloging everything we lost, but there is something cathartic and final about it. Making a list, setting it down, so we can start thinking of positive things - like getting new stuff (one day, when we eventually get paid some sort of insurance)!

These chairs were a housewarming/wedding gift from my brother. A traditional style deck chair, similar to what was the folks sat in on board the Titanic.

It was pretty sweet sitting in them on a nice day, enjoying our courtyard...but alas.

You can kind of see remnants of one of them in the rubble there. Alongside a piece of our back door - which we also (obviously) lost. And come to mention it, the ends of the clothesline are visible above the kitchen window - not a major loss, but for a laundry-fiend like myself, distressing enough.

There hasn't been any change in our situation yet. Still waiting, not complaining though, I think the task of fixing this city is huge, so we're kind of happy to be in a line at all, even though we're probably far from the front.

[top image is a watercolour by Sir Miles Warren of the Raymond House]

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Broken things - Part 3

We had two of these lovely Snelling Saran Lounge chairs. Well, one footstool but two chairs. I think they were slightly different. The reason I am not sure is that they never made it to our house. We bought them on Trade Me a couple of years ago, they had been restored and were nearly finished - we had a professional upholsterer re-webbing them (in black).

Then the professional upholsterer's premises collapsed in the earthquake. Not only were the chairs severely damaged, but the building was such a danger that it and all it's contents were demolished before any retrieval could occur.

We're not sure if insurance will cover them, as they technically weren't in our house at the time, but we're putting in a claim anyway, just in case.